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KGM is one of the country's leading Broadway & Off-Broadway General Management companies. We help our clients create award-winning theatrical productions that are both financially profitable and artistically groundbreaking.

We believe that the combination of data-driven budgeting and exceptional creativity can turn theatrical productions into powerful global brands.

KGM provides in-depth, hands-on and long-term support during the entire run of a production. We never get comfortable or complacent. Broadway is changing every day, and nobody understands these changes better than KGM.

We work with clients who want to bring theater to the broadest possible audience, clients with high potential and even greater ambition, determined to create theater that is wildly profitable and artistically adventurous. 

If this is you, please contact us today to see how we can help you.


"KGM is the most innovative general management firm I’ve ever encountered. From their use of technology, to incorporating best practices from other industries to acting as part of the team rather than a hired gun, they are bringing Broadway into the twenty-first century."

-Cody lassen, Producer



"Daniel and the team at KGM invest their time and attention into building strong relationships so that the work can flourish. They care deeply about the creative process and they made my project a top priority. It is always a pleasure to work with them."

-Sarna Lapine, Director

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company manager, PUFFS


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"The recently-concluded holiday week marks the largest grossing week in the history of Stage 5 at New World Stages, with the show achieving last week the highest advance sales for Stage 5 in the existence of the venue." - BroadwayWorld