Podcast: The Mechanics of Closing (and Unclosing) a Broadway Show with Daniel Kuney, Kevin McCollum


KGM Theatrical President, Daniel Kuney, sat down with Oliver Roth and Kevin McCollum to chat about the reasons a Broadway show might close, how to best prepare for closing a show, and how a closing campaign can sometimes help a show.

On this Season 2 premiere episode of BroadwayWorld's theatre business podcast, "The OHenry Report," Broadway producer and investor Oliver Henry Roth goes inside the mechanics of closing a Broadway show with veteran theatrical general manager, Daniel Kuney.

Then Oliver chats with four-time Tony-winning producer Kevin McCollum about how the decision to close a show works from his perspective, but also what goes into the decision to reverse course and push back an announced closing date, as he did with Broadway's "The Play that Goes Wrong."

You can listen to the full episode below or view the full article on BroadwayWorld here.