My general management story

Welcome to KGM Theatrical General Management! I’m Daniel Kuney.

I grew up working on school plays in a suburb outside of Washington, DC. I cut my teeth designing lights, building scenery and, sometimes, standing somewhere in the back of the chorus for the spring musical.

I found a great theater program at NYU that allowed me to study directing and focus my attention on the bigger picture.

I loved having my hands in all aspects of a production and, in particular, helping others find solutions and do their very best work.

As a general manager, my days are immersed in amazing conversations with everyone involved in putting on a show, from the theater owner, to the technical director to the advertising agency. 

So what I do do? I help producers fulfill their wildest dreams by helping them bring their plays and musicals to life. 

Through experience, I have learned how to create budgets that make sense and craft a rollout strategy for each show that builds momentum and buzz and drives ticket sales. 

Today’s audiences are on Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat. Our team at KGM knows how to find them.

I’ve devoted my career to helping producers and guiding shows to Broadway. And every day I pinch myself that I get to do this for a living.

If you are working on fulfilling your producing dream, I hope you’ll reach out.


daniel kuney broadway general manager.jpg