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What's up with this website?

We used to have a Website (capital intentional). There were lots of pages with lots of text designed to sell us. But this, this feels more authentic. At KGM, we have a unique approach to delivering better experiences and outcomes for our clients, and this website is indicative of that approach.

This site was created with just one page of HTML code. There's no SEO. No CRM. No pixels. No retargeting. Of course, all of those tools can be important when selling tickets for shows. And we understand the complexities of those tools better than anyone else. And also when not to use them. At KGM we believe shows work better with focus and this website is a representation of that. Sometimes deciding not to use a tool is as important as using it.

Here's what you need to know about us: we manage a lot of Broadway shows and we do the work. We relish getting to know our clients and explaining our deliberate methodology live. Please reach out, our emails are below.

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