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We general manage Broadway and Off-Broadway productions.

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What's up with this website?

We used to have a Website (capital intentional). We used Squarespace and there were lots of pages. Lots of text designed to sell us. But this, this feels more authentic. Just one page of HTML. There's no SEO. No CRM. No pixels. No retargeting. (see: No metrics). Here's what you need to know about us and nothing else: we manage a lot of Broadway shows. You need us? Just write. We do the work.

KGM Advertising

You may have heard rumors that KGM can also develop and manage a show's advertising campaign. The rumors are true, but you probably don't want this. We're opinionated about advertising. We believe most shows are chasing the wrong things. Metrics, followers, likes and other distractions. Our campaigns are boring, more cost efficient than anything else out there, and damn effective.


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